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Q. What are the requirements to get married at Miss Caroline's?

A. A North Carolina Marriage License is required and can be picked up at ANY North Carolina County Courthouse or locally at the Haywood County Courthouse in Waynesville, about 15 minutes from Miss Carolines. Both Bride and Groom must produce a birth certificate or valid drivers license and legal document displaying name and Social Security number for identification purpose. North Carolina does not require a Blood Test or Waiting Period to get married.

Q. How many guests may we invite to our wedding?

A. Miss Caroline's Wedding Chapel will comfortably seat 20 guests. Our new Enchanted Chapel will seat 45. Q.

Q. What type of ceremony do you perform?

A. Our wedding ceremonies are distinctly Christian based. All religions are welcome but please do not ask our ministers to change the Biblical nature of the ceremony.

Q. Are your ministers church ordained?

A. Yes. All ministers are ordained with years of experience.

Q. May we have attendants?

A. We ask that you limit your wedding party to only two on each side. Our altar area does not allow for additional attendants.

Q. Is there a dress rehearsal?

A. We will review the wedding party line-up just before the ceremony. Should you feel a rehearsal necessary, you may reserve the chapel/waterfall area at $150/hour. (one hour minimum)

Q. How much time is allowed for each ceremony?

A. Weddings are booked on the hour. Each wedding is on a one hour schedule. The bride and groom must arrive thirty minutes before your ceremony time. Guest may start arriving no earlier than 20 minutes before the ceremony. Your hour begins 30 minutes before the hour and 30 minutes past. For example: Your wedding time is 4:00p.m. - your allotted time frame begins at 3:30 and goes until 4:30. Guests will be on the chapel property for approximately 45-50 minutes. We will be glad to direct your guests to your reception venue or designated meeting place for everyone to gather following your ceremony. All guests are asked to leave the property by half past your ceremony hour.

Q. Is there a dressing area provided?

A. Yes, These areas are strictly for the bride and groom. Your wedding party and guests should arrive dressed for you ceremony.

Q. Is the chapel handicap accessible?

A. Our Enchanted Wedding Chapel is wheelchair accessible. Please let us know if you have any other special needs.

Q.Can I bring my own flowers?

A. Yes, Brides can then use our flowers as a keepsake or throw away bouquet. Please feel free to notify us with any other questions! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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