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Chapel Policies:


We require a deposit of 50% of your wedding package total. This may be made using a credit/debit card, check or money order or cash. This will hold your ceremony date and time. Should your plans change within 72 hours of your reservation, we will refund your deposit with only a $50 cancellation fee. After this initial 72 hours, there are no refunds for cancelation. If you must reschedule or postpone your ceremony, you may contact us no later than 2 weeks prior to your ceremony date. There is a $25 rescheduling fee.


As with any service provider, there are rules. Please be sure and review these prior to your wedding ceremony. There are some limitations in the amenities that we are able to offer. The Country Chapel has a maximum capacity of 20 guests. The Enchanted Chapel has a maximum capacity of 45 guests. Please make sure you do not exceed this number of guests. In compliance with parking and fire codes, we will not allow more than the designated number of guests and we cannot allow guests to stand in the aisles. Each additional guest beyond package maximum is $10.00 per person. (Space permitting)

  • Pets attending your ceremony must be pre-approved.
  • Your flower girl may throw silk flowers. No fresh flower petals are allowed. They permanently stain our hardwood floors.
  • No rice is allowed. You may use bubbles or birdseed.

Your package includes one song for the processional and one song for the recessional. If you choose to bring your own music for this portion of your ceremony, you must bring it on CD format. This will avoid any mistakes from occurring. The price of your package does not include live music or instruments. For any and all services provided, our contract is with the person named on said contract, regardless of who makes payment(s) for the ceremony or the reception. In the event of an act of God, technical error, or human error, Miss Caroline’s Wedding Chapel/Country Cabins assumes responsibility only up to the financial amount paid for the particular service. Arrival time to the chapel, ceremony time and departure time is strictly enforced to insure a stress free environment for each wedding scheduled the day of your ceremony. We will be glad to direct your guests to your reception venue or a meeting place for everyone to gather following your ceremony. All guests are asked to leave the property by half past your ceremony hour. Couples must arrive 30 minutes prior to your ceremony time. A late fee of $100 will be added to your package balance if your ceremony does not start at the reserved time. We cannot delay your ceremony for late guests. Please inform your guests of this rule so they can plan enough travel time. Large dressing rooms are provided for the Bride and Groom only. Other members of the wedding party should arrive dressed. If you have guests coming from out of town, please ask them to come dressed or make arrangements for an offsite dressing area. An announcement stating no personal image devices are permitted on chapel grounds will be made prior to your ceremony. Please let your guests know that cameras are not allowed during the ceremony or photo session. Anyone not in compliance will result in a fee of $100.00 to the person noted on the contract. You will have lots of photos from your photo cd provided with your package!

  • We do not provide an area for receptions. Please do not bring food or drinks to the chapel.
  • Receptions/cake cuttings are not allowed in our cabins. We will be glad to offer a list of area restaurants/parks that offer these services.
  • You must provide a valid mailing address and two phone numbers to secure a contract.
  • Any damage to the chapel or cabins by anyone in attendance will be charged to your bill.
  • Infractions of stated policies at any time will result in cancellation or refusal of service.
  • Gratuity for attending minister is permissible and appreciated greatly.

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